At LilyEve we carefully design and curate one a kind pieces, using vintage or designer up-cycled materials to create a new and unique garment.

Meet Lily & Michel

Lily & Michel met at the start of the pandemic and grew an instant connection. Lily, a recent graduate from Parsons School of Design had been using vintage designer towels to create one of a kind face masks in a bid to raise money for FoodBank NY during Covid. As the demand for the face masks increased, she met Michel at her local fish shop out in Long Island. 

Michel, an 87 year old retired seamster, with a widely impressive background in couture fashion added the missing link to help grow LilyEve into the sustainable clothing company it has now become.

Together they create beautiful one of a kind jackets, hats and face masks, using only up-cycled and repurposed materials. 

Your masks have brought some "bright & happy" to wearing a mask. Giving them as a gift has allowed me to help spread that happy.


When I stumbled upon LilyEve – a head-turning line of vintage toweling bucket hats, custom-print toweling beach jackets (tie dye!) and matching face masks that Manhattanites are going bonkers over, I had to find out more.



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